Free Images

How to find high quality free images for your blog or website. There are many sources of free images that can be used to spice up your blog. Quality art work, illustrations, and photographs can definitely increase the impact of your web pages. It’s been said that a picture is worth 1000 words. However, finding […]

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Patterns in Art

Patterns in Art is a new book (2019) by Francesca Leoneschi, subtitled: A Closer Look at the Old Masters. Francesca and her collaborators look closely at the details of famous paintings by the “old masters”. They focus on the beautiful patterns in the fabric and floor tiles found in these paintings. Let’s take a closer

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Smart Pig Art

I discovered some smart pig art while looking for sources of free images recently. This pig is not just smart — he’s positively precocious. These colorful pig illustrations are from an old children’s book entitled ‘Precocious Piggy’ by Thomas Hood (1799-1845). The handsomely attired pigs were drawn by Tom Hood (1835-1874) – the author’s son.

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