Shadow on the Sands of Time

A long shadow appears as a man runs across the sands of time. A large sand dune in Bobs Farm NSW 2316, Australia.
A man runs across the sand dunes at Bobs Farm in Australia, casting a long shadow on the sands of time. Photo by Silas Baisch.

You can run, but you can’t hide from your shadow on the sands of time.

Long shadows on the sands of time. Or is it snow?
Long shadows on the sands of time. Or is it snow? via PXHere.
Camel caravan shadows on the sands of time.
Camel caravan shadows on the sands of time. Image via RawPixel

Rap Songs and Poetry are Like Shadows on the Sands of Time

Analogies, dreams, hymns, psalms, poetry, and rap songs — all make us think about the nature of reality. My poetry is like a shadow cast by a single bright pixel. Shadows are the perfect place to daydream.

Shadow Similes

“Shadows are like ghosts, haunting the edges of our vision, never quite letting us forget that there is something lurking in the darkness.”

“The shadows were like ink spilled across the page of the world, obscuring the details and leaving only the outlines.”

“The shadows were like ink blots on the page of reality, obscuring the true nature of things.”

“Shadows fell across the room like giant spiders, weaving a web of darkness that trapped the light within its sticky strands.”

“Shadowbanning is like being in a room full of people, but no one can see or hear you.”

These similes were generated with Google textFX. Pretty cool huh?

Exploded Shadows

  • shadow’s (the possessive form of “shadow”)
  • shad owes (debts owed to a shady character)
  • shady rows (dishonest lines of text)

Fusion: Shadow on the Sands of Time

Both shadows and sand can be used to create beautiful patterns and designs — shadows by the play of light and darkness, and sand by the way it can be moved and shaped into different forms.

Shadows and sand can be seen as ephemeral and fleeting — shadows as they constantly shift and change with the movement of the sun, and sand as it is constantly shifting and moving with the wind and tides.

See also: Sands of Time Soliloquy.

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