Princeton Seminary Students Ask For Reparations For School’s Role in Slavery.

Quotes from an article by Sarah Pulliam Bailey — Princeton seminary students are asking for reparations for school’s role in slavery:

“Princeton Theological Seminary last year released a report describing its founders’ and early faculty’s ties to slavery. Now, some of its students want the school to take it a step further and provide reparations as financial restitution for its role in the slave trade.”

“A group of black seminarians have collected more than 400 signatures in an online petition calling on the New Jersey school to “make amends” by setting aside $5.3 million annually – or 15 percent of what the seminary uses from the school’s endowment for its operating expenses – to fund tuition grants for black students and establish a Black Church Studies program.”

“Restitution is evidence of the repentance… This is how we know the person has repented.”

“We believe repentance is repairing. Repairing is not just saying ‘I’m sorry’ but restoring.”

See full article: Princeton Seminary Reparations.

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