Fiesta Freedom Ride – Ford Fiesta Movement

This video is my official entry in the Ford ‘Fiesta Movement’ contest. Ford is looking for 100 agents to test drive the new Fiesta for 6 months. The 100 winners will get FREE use of the Fiesta, plus gas and insurance for 6 months (and looks like the winners will also get a Sony Webby cam to video all their adventures).

I filmed this video in Dearborn, Michigan on location at Henry Ford’s home, my home, Ford world headquarters and the Henry Ford Centenial Library (also in Dearborn).  Several Vos family members show up in the video.

Please re-post this link ( ) on your blog or Twitter it to all your friends.  I need your help to create a lot of excitement with this video by March 23rd, 2009.

When I reach my goal (driving the Fiesta for 6 months and making more cool videos), I’ll be posting more fun, fun, fun, fun Fiesta videos …

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