Architectural Terms

My understanding of architectural terms started by playing with tinker toys and wood blocks as a child. I didn’t know what a buttress was, but learned through experimentation that my creations would collapse without structural integrity. Whether you are designing websites or church buildings, it’s helpful to know some basic architectural terms like buttress, column,

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Anwoth Keystone

A.D. (Anno Domini) is carved into the Anwoth keystone. These are photos of the Anwoth old kirk (church) in Scotland where Samuel Rutherford was the pastor from 1627 to 1638. Anwoth Old Church is a crumbling stone church building which was built in 1626 to serve the parish of Anwoth in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

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Sundial Shadows

Sundial Shadows: Such is Life God Separated the Light From the Darkness. In the beginning God separated the light from the darkness. “And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.” (Gen. 1:4) “And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there

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Keystone Faces

Here are some unique keystone faces. Many keystones are flat and plain, but these feature a humanlike face of symbolic or historical figures. Stonemasons install the keystone as the final wedge-shaped stone at the crown of an arch during construction, locking all the stones into position and allowing the arch to bear weight. Anthropomorphic keystones

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Keystone People

Keystone People Examples: Here are some rare photographs of keystone people. These keystones feature a carved stone face of anonymous or famous people. Humanlike keystones are beautiful and functional, providing aesthetics and structural integrity. In architecture, the keystone is the wedge-shaped stone that locks all the other stones into position at the apex of an

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Keystone Motif

What is the keystone motif? The keystone motif is an architectural design pattern found in many ancient and modern buildings. In this article, we’ll explain what a keystone is, and provide several examples. A keystone motif features the classic keystone design of stone arches found in ancient Roman architecture. The keystone is a wedge-shaped stone placed at

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architectural motif archway keystone

Architectural Motifs

Architectural motifs are structural or decorative designs and repeating patterns found in the construction of buildings. In music, a motif is a short melodic phrase that reoccurs throughout a song. In works of art, a motif is a noticeable element that appears throughout the work. An architectural motif can be found in the details, or

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