There Was A Beginning

There was a beginning. Ben Shapiro interviewed Stephen C. Meyer to discuss what happened at the beginning. Stephen C. Meyer is a geophysicist and author of New York Times bestseller, “Darwin’s Doubt.” Despite not being a Christian himself, after years of scientific study, Meyer came to the conclusion that there simply must be an intelligent …

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The Arab Mind

The Arab Mind, by Raphael Patai, is one of the most interesting books in my personal collection of books about Arabs and Arabic language. I acquired this book in 1978 before traveling to the Middle East with a group of college students. The Arab Mind was among a dozen or so books that were required …

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WordPress CloudFlare Notes - GTMetrix Speed Tests

WordPress Cloudflare Notes

Here are my WordPress Cloudflare notes. There’s been a lot of chatter about speeding up WordPress via Cloudflare recently, and I did some research and testing of my own. CloudFlare announced Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) for WordPress on 2-Oct-2020 TTFB – Time to First Byte The biggest gain we’ve seen so far has been in …

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