Marc Newson Hourglass video cover.

Marc Newson Hourglass

The Marc Newson hourglass celebrates the priceless treasure of every passing moment. Who is Marc Newson and Why Did He Design an Hourglass? Marc Andrew Newson is an Australian industrial designer born on October 20, 1963. He is known for his sleek, organic designs in furniture, products, transportation, and other fields. His work features smooth,

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Criteria for Evaluating Websites: 10 Things to Check

Question: What are 10 important criteria for evaluating websites? Answer: Aesthetics, analytics, content, design, satisfaction, security, SEO, speed, usability, and quality. A Brief Explanation of 10 Criteria for Evaluating Websites Related Links and Resources For more details, see my longer article 10 Criteria to Evaluate a Website or my older article Evaluation Criteria for Websites

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A sand filled house

Sand Filled House

The Sand Filled House I love these photos because of the interesting patterns of light and shadows on the sand filled rooms. Not much is known about this abandoned property. I discovered these photos while working on another project. If you like these photos, you might also enjoy the Sands of Time Gallery. What People

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