Beautiful Homes in Dearborn, Michigan

There are many beautiful homes in Dearborn, Michigan. In this article we’ll look at some examples, with photographs provided by Doug Vos, a longtime resident of Dearborn.

A home with sculptured trees in Dearborn, Michigan; along with carefully manicured lawn and sculptured shrubbery.
This beautiful ranch style home in Dearborn is notable for it’s stunning landscape architecture. 10 perfectly planted and groomed trees grace the front yard. It’s located near the river, by Cherry Hill road, across from a sprawling white mansion. Photo by Doug Vos, July 2023.

Recently Built Mansions – Newer mansions with modern designs and amenities have been built along Dearborn’s riverfront and in affluent enclaves. These showcase contemporary luxury living and architecture.

Ford Homes Historic District – These homes were commissioned by Henry Ford in 1919 and 1920 to provide housing for Ford Motor Company workers. They exhibit English cottage and American Colonial Revival styles. The homes are well-maintained and create a historic neighborhood charm.

Dearborn Hills Historic District – This district contains many beautiful custom homes in Tudor, Mediterranean, Colonial, and prairie style architectures dating back to the 1920s. The curving tree-lines streets are part of the original Olmsted Brothers designed subdivision. (Examples will be provided in another article.)

A modern mansion under construction in Dearborn, Michigan with castle features, built from large stone blocks
This modern mansion is still under construction. It’s built on a double lot, and has European castle features. Photo by Doug Vos, July 2023.

Modern Mediterranean Style Mansions

Dearborn’s entrepreneurial and affluent middle-eastern population is influencing the architecture and construction of new homes. You can see it in the Mediterranean style and classic architectural motifs — e.g. pillars, arches, and keystone motif.

This beautiful home in Dearborn, Michigan has an interesting roof line, stunning front doors, classical pillars, and sculptured landscape. Photo by Doug Vos.
This beautiful home has an interesting roof line, stunning front doors, classical pillars, and sculptured landscape. Photo by Doug Vos, 2023.

Rounded arches above doors, windows, and entryways are a signature detail of Mediterranean style architecture. Stone archways often connect interior and exterior spaces. Heavy wooden doors, often arched or embellished with ironwork, set a dramatic entrance. Landscaping with carefully sculpted shrubbery, gardens, exposed stonework, tile work, and occasionally fountains — create a lush outdoor environment. The overall look exudes old-world charm, and romance, inspired by Mediterranean countries like Italy, Greece, and Lebanon.

Another beautiful home in Dearborn, Michigan. Near Ford Field city park. The Imagine home features many peaks, arches, and follows the keystone motif in several places.
Another beautiful home in Dearborn, Michigan. The ‘Imagine’ home is near Ford Field park. This home features many angles, peaks and arches — and makes subtle use of the classic keystone motif in several places. Photo by Doug Vos, July 2023.

The ‘Imagine’ home was built several years ago, and was recently upgraded with new landscaping in the front yard, and a new backyard inground swimming pool. It’s one of many beautiful homes in Dearborn, Michigan, located near Michigan Avenue and Dearborn’s vibrant downtown restaurant district.

Design Features of Beautiful Homes in Dearborn, Michigan

A cohesive architectural style and detailing gives the home character and visual interest. Attractive landscaping, a welcoming entryway, exterior lighting, and other details enhance the home’s curb appeal. Symmetry and proportions: A symmetrical facade with balanced windows, doors, and other elements creates a harmonious look. High-quality materials like wood, stone, brick, and stucco add texture, patterns, and durability to create an attractive exterior. Abundant natural light, window trim and shutters, arched doorways, and other notable windows/doors add style. An interesting roof shape with gabled, hipped, or curved elements makes a statement. Dormers, chimneys, and other roof details add visual appeal.

Older Homes in Dearborn

A beautiful home in Dearborn, Michigan. One of the Ford Historic Homes, located on Nona Street in Dearborn.
One of Ford Historic Homes on Nona Street in Dearborn, Michigan. This photo by Doug Vos, dated May 25, 2020, has been viewed nearly one million times on Unsplash and used by numerous publications discussing the design of beautiful homes.
This home in Dearborn, Michigan on South Military Street was built in 1880.
This beautiful home on South Military Street in Dearborn was built in 1880. Photo by Doug Vos, July 2023.
A beautiful home in Dearborn, Michigan - built in 1890 --located on Morley Avenue, near Mason Street.
A beautiful home in Dearborn, Michigan – built in 1890, and recently refurbished. This home is located on Morley Avenue, near Mason Street. It’s fusion of architectural styles has been described as “Victorian, gothic, farmhouse”. Photo by Doug Vos, July 2023.

Landscape Architecture

A common feature of all these beautiful homes in Dearborn, Michigan is the attention to landscape architecture.

Landscape architects work at various scales from garden or site level design to regional land planning and urban design. Their work often overlaps with related disciplines like architecture, civil engineering, ecology, and urban planning.

Landscape architecture can greatly enhance the beauty and value of homes in several ways. Well-designed gardens, planting beds, trees, and hardscapes like patios and pathways can provide an attractive setting around the home and establish a cohesive aesthetic. This creates curb appeal and a welcoming environment. Thoughtful landscape design can frame and accentuate the home’s architecture, draw attention to special features, and help the home fit harmoniously into its surroundings. In essence, a well-designed landscape extends the home’s livable space outward, provides an attractive transition from house to surroundings, and allows the residents to fully enjoy their property in comfort and beauty.

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The author of this article, Doug Vos, is a longtime resident of Dearborn, Michigan and was formerly editor and publisher of the Dearborn Free Press (which ceased publication several years ago). Doug enjoys photography and dabbles in architecture as a hobby.

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  1. I am very concerned about keeping the history of Dearborn alive. I am not opposed to the new but I am opposed to buying and tearing down older homes to make way for the new. I believe there is room for both. If an older home is in fairly good condition or can be repaired I hate to see them go. I attended the meetings about Garrison St rezoning and what bv was presented bothered me. At least the plan was modified. They kept mentioning Royal Oak and Ferndale. We are not neither. We are more. We have history. We have FoMoCo, Greenfield Village , the Henry Ford. I say plan and grow on our history. Add the new but do not destroy the old. Other cities have done it well. Savannah Philidelphia…to name a few. We will l never be a RO or Ferndale..highly doubtful you would see drag queen bingo here or some of the other places they have. Great article BTW. Proof you can have both! Thank you!

  2. I agree with Sharon Dulmage. Diversity is one of the unique values of our city. We can maintain all aspects of our beautiful city by preserving its history and historical aspects and offer the diversity described without tearing down what has been here for decades. We should strive to maintain the strong elements that make Dearborn what it’s been, while growing with more diversity.

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