Boston – May 2008

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Blue Beanie Day Video

Monday Nov. 30, 2009 is the 3rd annual International Blue Beanie Day in support of Web Standards.I've been one of the chief instigators of Blue Beanie Day since 2007.This year, I made a video to help promote it. … [Continue reading]

Fiesta Freedom Ride – Ford Fiesta Movement

This video is my official entry in the Ford ‘Fiesta Movement’ contest. Ford is looking for 100 agents to test drive the new Fiesta for 6 months. The 100 winners will get FREE use of the Fiesta, plus gas and insurance for 6 months (and looks like the … [Continue reading]

My Taylor Guitar

My Taylor Guitar

This guitar is a Taylor...  and my older guitar is a Gibson.I learned to play on the Gibson guitar when I was 16 years old. The Gibson served me well for many years, but developed a hairline crack.  Then a couple years ago I sold a car, and … [Continue reading]

Still Singing After All These Years

Doug Vos singing

I've been writing music for over 28 years, and I'm finally getting around to publishing a few of my songs.I played guitar and sang a few songs I wrote at my wedding, back in 1980. Once in a while I play my guitar at someone else's wedding -- … [Continue reading]

Music, photography, and other good stuff!

I'll be posting some of my music (songs I wrote and recorded), and some of my photography, as well as other creative items. … [Continue reading]