Picnic Brainstorm

Really Lichen the Old Picnic Table

I’m really lichen the old picnic table,  and WordPress 3.5

Liken The Old Picnic Table

I’m Really Lichen The Old Picnic Table – Photo credit: Grace Sauve Photography

Can You Help Me?

Iron Hands - Sculpture

Photography is only a hobby for me. I'm not a professional photographer. However, I do enjoy recording my observations with a camera. Here's a series of photos I began around May 9th of 2008.  Location:  Detroit - next door to the Metro Times … [Continue reading]

Old Windows

Old Windows - May 2008

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St. Mary’s Church – Detroit

Rose window - St. Mary's Church - Detroit

St. Mary's Church in Detroit, near the GreekTown casino. St. Mary's was founded by Father Martin Kundig in 1835 for the German-speaking Catholics in Detroit, and is the third oldest Catholic parish in the city. The cornerstone for the original … [Continue reading]

MotoSoul Man?

Graffiti in Detroit - MotoSoul

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ANSIQ Artist – Detroit MotoSoul

Ansiq - ANSI - auntsie Q - Graffiti art in Detroit - near Detroit Ren Cen - May 2008

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Detroit Beat Club

Detroit Beat Club - May 2008

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Little Brazil

Little Brazil Street - New York, NY

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Warning: Casino Under Construction

Warning: Casino Under Construction - Black tar sealer on yellow wall board

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